About Kameron Douglas

Hello, I am Kameron Douglas. I am the former Weather Anchor for JCTV News Channel 2/96 for Jennings County High School. I am now working for the USI television station SETV 12 Access USI as the Weather Anchor. My job includes making my own weather graphics and then using them to produce a weather segment in which is aired live on YouTube every Wednesday night at 7:30pm CDT./8:30pm EDT. - if you are interested in viewing it see the SETV Access USI YouTube Channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/user/AccessUSI

(NOTE: When Access USI is not live you can watch playbacks of recent shows)


Current Education Status

I am Currently a Sophmore at the University of Southern Indiana. I am currently majoring in Environmental Science. My end goal is to get a meteorology certification and become a meteorologist on TV.


Why I want to be a broadcast meteorologist when I get older?


I want to be a meteorologist on TV when I get older because I find it important to keep people safe during severe weather. Also, I am about providing the most accurate forecast in Southern Indiana. When it comes to making your forecast, accuracy is important to me because during severe weather it helps keep you safe.


How I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist on TV when I grow up.


I knew by the fact that I have fascination with technology, in which a wide variety of technological tools are used in forecasting weather like weather maps, and data. Also, because I am a pattern like thinker. With that advantage it makes reading weather maps a bit easier, because weather maps contain patterns. Another reason is that I am fascinated with the weather in general, of how it all works when seeing it in action and when forecasting it. Lastly, because I am good at math and science, which is important when it comes to forecasting and predicting the weather. Through the years I knew I wanted to do something with TV or radio when I get older, but ever since middle school I knew I wanted to be a meteorologist on TV.


What I do besides the weather?


In my spare time, I enjoy playing with my cat “Tiger.” Being with my family and have good laughs with them. Doing fun things like ride my bike when the weather is nice. I also have hobbies of singing and I also can play guitar.




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Kameron Douglas


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